New Leaf Legal Membership Profile


New Leaf Legal is a flat fee law firm that provides business and intellectual property services to small businesses, startups and artists.  When the current owner, Jessica Manganello, founded New Leaf, she and her business partner had been working together at another firm in Boston.  Originally, they were asked to serve small businesses and startups to develop their skills, but later, when asked to shift towards financial services, they realized they enjoyed what they were doing too much.  So they established New Leaf Legal in Cambridge to be an approachable law firm providing legal advice to contractors, consultants, and businesses that mainly employ up to fifty people.  Their clients are from all different industries including pharmaceuticals, video games, consumer products, and food and beverages.  Since New Leaf doesn’t bill by the hour, clients don’t hesitate to call and “find out what they don’t know” Manganello explains.  She likes the wide variety of questions and people.  To Manganello, what matters most is that clients know they can approach her when they need help.  She remembers, “the best compliment a client has ever paid me was after a long initial meeting.  They said, ‘you’re someone I’d like to go have a beer with.’”  New Leaf enjoys being one of the many local businesses that makes Cambridge so rich and alive.