Irving House Membership Profile

Irving House at Harvard is the second oldest hotel in the city and is owned by Rachael Solem.  Located in a residential neighborhood, the house was built  in the 1890s as a two family home with twelve rooms on both sides.  The building was converted for Harvard students to rent in the 1920s and then changed to a hotel to host guests because the students were rowdy.  Irving House takes pride in standing out with unique decor that creates a sense of place special to Cambridge as well as staying at the forefront of environmental initiatives for the hospitality industry.  Solem enjoys hosting guests from all over the world who come to visit Harvard, MIT and Lesley, she strives to make Irving House the place people stay when in Cambridge.  Irving House is part of the fabric of Cambridge as a local business that gives Cambridge the look and feel that makes it so distinct.  As part of the larger whole, Irving House is sure to send guests to local restaurants, stores, museums and theaters because, as Solem says, “they are really what makes Cambridge Cambridge.”