Harding House Membership Profile

Briana Pearson, the general manager of Harding House in Cambridge, never expected to return home years after college to run the family business that was launched while she was away at school.  While the family has owned the business for 20 years, she has managed the “lil guest house” for seven.  What she loves most is providing a comfortable safe space for people to come to and relax after a day of traveling whether it be for business or pleasure.  Pearson describes how delighted she is to greet guests from around the world, she says, “It’s a big world, so bringing the world here to me makes it a lot easier.”  Like many local businesses in Cambridge, when Harding House launched, their marketing was simple.  They walked from door to door to introduce themselves to local business owners to offer their services and express their desire to work together to build a thriving local economy where customers come first.