Formaggio Kitchen Membership Profile

Formaggio Kitchen, owned by husband and wife team Valerie and Ishan Gurdal, is dedicated to making delicious food accessible as part of building a vibrant community.  A specialty food shop that welcomes “the bus driver and recycling girl” for their loaf of bread, as much as the high end shopper looking for a hard-to-find item, they pride themselves in being a destination spot for the adventurous foodie and home to the local shopper who may pop in even three times a day.  Formaggio is not only a staple for customers, but it is a socio-economic pillar in the community.  “I employ my neighbor’s kids, and watch them grow,” describes Gurdal.  With this in mind, Gurdal emphasizes that “small business in the United States needs to grow instead of shrink, and [Formaggio] would like to be part of that.”  We enjoy camaraderie with all the local businesses.  Gurdal muses, “we all take care of each other.”