Central Square Health and Wellness Membership Profile


People come to Cambridge from all over – the Cape, Providence, New Hampshire – to be treated by Kristine Jelstrup, the owner of Central Square Health and Wellness.  Jelstrup has been practicing natural health care in Cambridge for 18 years.  She practiced from home while raising children for 13 years, and then when she opened her office, she was excited to be a more official part of the Cambridge business community.  Jelstrup’s speciality is Applied Kinesiology which uses muscle testing to facilitate information from the body’s nervous system to the client.  A client interviewed for this membership profile described how Jelstrup helped him regain his ability to eat food without discomfort by learning what his body could and could not handle.  Jelstrup notes that she is one of the few people practicing Applied Kinesiology, so she loves when someone tells her about “a gal in Central Square who does muscle testing…[who’s] really effective.”  She’s glad the word is getting out about her services because she would like to help more people, and it’s not always easy to promote yourself as a small business.  According to Jelstrup, “the more people who support local businesses the better for everybody.  Better for the environment, better for the economy, better for everyone’s health because they’re all walking and biking. I just think it’s better all the way around.”