Opportunities With CLF


Cambridge Local First couldn't run without the involvement of our talented members. One of the most meaningful ways you can get involved is to join one of our subcommittees! 

Our list of subcommittees is as follows:

  • The Business Improvement Committee plans and markets our business improvement seminars. Meetings are held annually in January. 

  • The Marketing Committee handles direct communications (social media, newsletter), messaging, branding, events, and the website - excluding any decisions that are reserved to the Board. They also plan and market all of our events. Meetings are held monthly on the last Wednesday from 10-11AM. 

  • The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for determining sponsorship levels, criteria and policies, preparing sponsorship proposals, generating sponsorship leads, and supporting the ED in securing sponsorships. Meeting are held monthly on the last Monday from 2-3PM.

  • The Government Affairs Committee (the “GAC”) is responsible for engaging with government at all levels on issues regarding the protection and support of local businesses; and informing and educating our membership in written or digital form, on relevant issues as pertains to local business. Meeting are held monthly on the third Tuesday from 10-11AM.

  • The Directory Committee assists the staff in the design of the annual directory. They make decisions regarding the content and overall look of the directory (including the cover). They also collect bids from prospective printers, however, the Board retains final authority for selection of the printer. This committee meets monthly from February to August.

  • The Membership Committee establishes and maintains membership policies, supports the activities of the membership coordinator, and handles individual cases to determine membership criteria. They are also responsible for the management of the Community Membership Program. This committee meets monthly from March to September.

Listen to what current committee member Rachael Solem has to say about her involvement as a member of our committees:

"As a result of my work with CLF, I have become more aware of other businesses and forged very productive and engaging friendships which continue to help me run my business better. Some of it is being aware of marketing opportunities and contributing my perspective so, in some cases, having campaigns serve the needs of my business better. Some times my work just puts me in the right place at the right time to meet people who want to use my services and I get business directly from these connections. Business Improvement seminars are meant to help business owners improve their operations to make us all more sustainable in all ways, the committee members all contribute to topics and resources for these seminars. It is always a good idea to step outside of one's business and see it from the outside, and to better understand the environment in which we all work."

All Committees meet in Central Square. 

There are many ways to get involved.
The more you put in the more you get out!
If you would like to join a subcommittee, please email: