All Places in ‘Cambridgeport’

  • Good News Garage

    In 1973, Tom and Ray (Hey, that’s us!) Magliozzi of “Car Talk” started a do-it-yourself shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts called Hacker’s Haven. These were the days of car DIY so we thought, let’s open a garage where folks could do their own work and we’ll rent them the space and read more

  • M.F. Keane Contracting Inc.

    M.F. Keane Contacting Inc. is experienced in quality residential renovations and restorations since 1984. We are a mid sized construction company dedicated to providing our customers with quality renovations and all phases of construction. Our goal is to provide our clients with the satisfaction and the knowledge that their home read more

  • Surya Indian Kitchen N Catering

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    Straight from our Kitchen to your table-live healthier, live happier. If you are looking to be good to your heart, then you are at the right place. Heart healthy food does not necessarily have to be boring or bland. Our savory meals and delicately seasoned entrees will leave you content. read more